ICBC’s Offer-Should You Accept?


Hundreds of people have come to us with an offer from ICBC. They all want to know if they should take it. “How much is my claim worth?” At that point we don’t know either. We have to look into the claim, do our homework, to figure that out. So what we do is take on the claim but put in writing:

“Our fees will not reduce your recovery to less than ICBC’s offer.”

If we cannot get you more than ICBC’s offer you do not pay us a fee. We take the risk on ourselves that ICBC might have been fair with you. Why do we take that risk?  Because our past experience has shown us that we will get more, and our clients will get more even after our fee is paid. We believe it has to be “Win – Win”.

“EXCELLENT   A – plus, plus, plus etc —You are the best”


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