How to Choose a Lawyer


Individual Experience

How long have they worked on injury and ICBC claims?  How much of their time is spent on other kinds of law?  At Becker Lavin & Wessler, each of our lawyers devoted their entire practice exclusively to ICBC Claims and auto accidents.

Firm Experience

What about the rest of the firm?  After all our years of experience as individuals we still don’t know everything.  We rely heavily on the other lawyers in our firm to discuss ideas and solutions.  We are a team of over 50 years combined experience.

I would certainly hire you again if I should ever face any predicament such as this and would definitely recommend you to other clients. I thank you for your assistance.


“Pass the Buck”

Will you have the same lawyer from the start of the claim to the end?  At Becker Lavin & Wessler, the lawyer you hire with work on your file to its conclusion.

Work for ICBC?

ICBC contracts out the majority of their legal work to individual law firms. We have not nor will we ever work for ICBC or any other insurance company.


What is the firm’s communication policy? We have a system of regular client contact and updates. Our policy is to return all telephone calls/emails within 24 hours.


Again? This is the most important part of a lawyer’s job – to communicate with their clients, with ICBC and ultimately if needed with a judge and jury. How are they communicating with you? Are your needs and concerns being understood? Do you understand fully what they are saying?  Are they explaining the big picture to you?

I have used your firm twice now and once again I was very satisfied with the lawyer I had. Very professional.



With some variations these are usually the same between law firms for similar types of cases. A lawyer should try and get a preliminary estimate of the complexity and value of your claim before proposing a fee.

Hidden Charges

Most law firms charge interest on the expenses they incur on your behalf. These can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. At Becker Lavin & Wessler we do not charge interest or any other hidden charges. Our one fee is what you pay.


You will be partners with your lawyer for months and perhaps years to come. What is your gut reaction? Am I going to be treated with dignity and respect? Follow your heart.

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